ANDMarine Ltd.

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ANDMarine Ltd.

60, Westmorland Road

Felixstowe, IP119TW. UK.


Tel      +44 (0) 1394 271435

Mob    +44 (0) 7852 765695

Email   ima@andmarine.co.uk


UK Company No. 05685517.

Insurance Survey

An insurance survey is close to a prepurchase survey in content and extent of examination. It is carried out for an owner rather than for a prospective purchaser.

Insurance companies usually want to see a copy of a survey report once yachts reach a certain age.

Insurance companies also appoint surveyors directly to assist them with assessing damages, specifying repairs and checking repair quality and value.

04 second hole from outside   06 main hole from outside  07 delamination extends beyond hole size

This yacht was damaged in rough weather by her own anchor, coming loose and puncturing the hull.

Luckily only the forepeak flooded and the yacht did not sink, she was repaired afloat in Dover.

The yacht below was only saved by use of portable pumps from a lifeboat, and an emergency liftout at the marina.

Broken rudder housing